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Hello, I'm Bob Dehn, the Owner/Founder of RCD Exterminating, Inc. From our inception in 1990 to date our reputation has been built on an absolute commitment to our customer's safety and satisfaction.

Our promise is SIMPLE... If pests return between regularly scheduled visits, we'll retreat at no charge to you!

When you turn to RCD for answers to your pest control needs we take the confidence you place in our services very seriously. We constantly evaluate the latest technology and regulations, and update the proficiency of our staff through educational training programs.

RCD knows that no home, business, or pest management situation is ever the same. Pests are not only annoying, they can also pose serious risks to your health and property. If you have a pest issue then it's time to put RCD's extensive training, advanced technology, and commitment to breaking the pest life cycle to work for you!

RCD is ready to develop a customized pest protection plan backed with the peace of mind that dealing with integrity brings to getting the job done. You have my personal thanks for placing your trust with RCD!